Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[SOLVED] Problems compiling Rcpp dependent R packages in Crunchbang Linux 11 (Debian 7.5 (wheezy) 64-bit)

I had a very weird issue when I tried to compile (install) certain R packages like "wordcloud", "RSNNS" or "GOSemSim" (a Bioconductor package). The installation always ended with a compiling error at the end.

At first, I tried to solve the problem by finding anyone that had faced the same issue, so I Duck-Duck-go-it, Google-it and at least for me, I did not find anyone.

At the end, and which is the core of my post, I solved the problem by removing or commenting all my customizations in the /usr/lib/R/etc/ file (for example, loading libraries automatically).

In summary, using the default worked for me.

I wrote this post to make a record of the issue, so maybe it would help someone to solve the same in the future.


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